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During the heyday of the American pocket watch, many beautiful watches were made by the truly gifted and skilled watchmakers of this country.  Sidestepping any debate over which one was most beautiful, it is suffice to say that Waltham's Model 92 would be included with the finalists in any competition for such an honor.  This site has been set up to explore the many facets of the Model 92, to be a source of information for the new and the seasoned collector,  and to foster further research into this beautiful timepiece.

 My name is Jim Schneider and for several years I was working with Marvin Snider (no relation) on a database that will eventually produce accurate production figures for the different grades and movement variations of Waltham's famed Model 1892.  Sadly Marvin passed away in 2005.   He was the major contributor of data and his observations on movement variations opened up a whole new aspect of research for me.  It is safe to say that this project would be nowhere near where it is today without his participation.

I have also received some data from various collectors.  In particular Kent Singer/Ed Ueberall have contributed several hundred serial numbers from their database.  Fred Hansen has been very helpful and Dick Ziebel is always patient and allows me to sift through whatever he has with him when I catch him at a regional.  I would like to thank and acknowledge everyone  who has helped us.    My current pursuit is determining the point at which these movement variations took  place.  This is a work in process.   Please check back as I will be adding to and editing the site as time goes on.
The above paragraghs are from the Home Page of the original Model 92 Research Website.  Several years have passed since this project began and of course much has been learned about the Model 92.  One thing that has become appearant is that dead accurate production figures may never be a reality.  In some cases Waltham  mixed jewel counts in a serial number run without rhyme nor reason.  In other cases the movement variations do not always begin abruptly at one point- there can be a transitional phase when the change is found intermittently, again without rhyme nor reason.  As we explore the variations the areas that are vague will be pointed out.  

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