Movement Variations

 Certain physical aspects of the movement were changed throughout the relatively short life of the Model 92 movement.  These changes include the position of the serial number, the addition of a third barrel bridge screw and the introduction of the patented Waltham hairspring stud.  We will also examine the point at which Waltham begins using the Ohlson or 08 Regulator on the Model 92 and the interesting way in which it is put to use on balance cocks previously made for the “Star” Regulator.  There are other changes that occur in all grades that we will examine  and some that are unique to specific grades that we will examine as we explore the individual grades.  We will witness Waltham’s use of Yankee Ingenuity in altering a movement to change its jewel count or even its grade.   The table below charts out the movement variations that occur across the board, regardless of grade.  Please keep in mind that occasionally these changes don’t begin abruptly at one point, there is sometimes a transition period.   The links to the right will take you to photos and explanations of the individual variations.

Mvt Variations


 *The 08 Regulator begins to appear here.  It is sometimes found on the Plugged Balance Cock.