Winding Wheels

Winding Wheel Patterns


Unlike previous 18 size Waltham movements, we find that the Model 92 movement has a sunken balance, something which is commonly found in 18 size Rockford movements.  Unlike most full plate movements however, Waltham chooses to expose the winding wheels on the Vanguard movement.  The winding wheels will be damascened according to grade, adding a visual aspect to the Model 92 movement that most full plate movements lack.  "ATC" refers to the Appleton Tracy & Company grade.
                                Style 1                                                                                   Style 2


 Found on all Vanguard grade movements.                                        Found on all Riversides and some early ATCs.  
                                                                                                     Later ATCs will have the same design but with
                                                                                                     a brushed finish.  See Style 4
                           Style 3                                                                                           Style 4
Found on all Royals and some ATCs from the                                 Found on ATCs from around 750000 on.  Same as
7005001-7006000 and 7006001-7007000 runs.                                Style 2 but with a brushed finish.
                           Style 5                                                                                        Style 6
Found on Crescent Streets and 845s.                                           Found on P.S. Bartletts.
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