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The early years of what was to become the Waltham Watch Company were marked by financial failure and reorganization.  One of those reorganized companies was named Appleton Tracy & Company.  Waltham kept the name and used it as an indication of grade on several models.  On the Model 1892 it marks the first departure from the Vanguard grade and occurs for the first time in the sixth run of Model 92s, 7005001-7006000.  Immediately below you will see the correct winding wheels for the ATC movement and below that the correct regulators.   We will then trace the movement variations as they occur in the Appleton Tracy movement.  We will also examine the Appleton Tracy & Co. "Premier" movement which was a positionally adusted ATC made by Waltham for a short time.  The Gray Book lists some ATC runs as being 21 Jewel movements but none have been reported to date.  What does sometimes occur in an ATC run are early grade 845 movements which are 21 jewel movements.

Winding wheel patterns.
                                                     ATC1                                                                    ATC2                                                                  ATC3
There are three types of winding wheels found on the Appleton Tracy grade.  The damascening pattern on ATC1 and ATC3 are the same but the finish is different.  ATC1 shows wheels with a polished finish while the wheels in the ATC3 photo have a brushed finish.  The wheels in the ATC2 photo show a pattern originally used on the Model 1888 Royal grade.  The current research would suggest that in the first two runs of Appleton Tracy movements, 7005001-7006000 and 7006001-7007000, are found with winding wheels like those in the ATC1 and ATC2 photos.  From 7785001-7785501 on, it would appear that Waltham uses the brushed wheels as in the  ATC3 photo. 

                      ATC4                                      ATC5                                          ATC6                                       ATC7
The above photos show the regulators used on Appleton Tracy & Co. movements.  Photo ATC4 shows the Star regulator used on early ATC movmements which is polished steel.  It is difficult to say exactly when Waltham began using the star in ATC5 which is gilt steel.  Photos would suggest that the gilt steel star (ATC5) is used consistently on movements after 8 million. The overwhelming majority of photos of movements up to 8 million show the polished steel star but occaisionally a pre 8 million photo shows the gilt steel regulator.  Perhaps the watch was made that way, perhaps the star was replaced by someone along the way...we don't know.  Photo ATC6 shows a transitional balance cock used with the 08 or Ohlsen patent regulator.  On these balance cocks, Waltham "plugged" the recess for the star and was then able to use the 08 regulator.  There has only been one ATC movement reported with the plugged balance cock but it is found more frequently on Vanguard, Crescent Street and 845 movements.  Photo ATC7 shows the 08 Regulator with the solid balance cock.  The plugged movement just referenced is serial number 16059994.  ATC movements from this point to the 18083001-500 run use both the gilt steel star and solid balance cock 08 regulators.  After this run, through the end of production, the current research would suggest that the 08 Regulator is used exclusively.
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