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Appleton Tracy Versions

Below you will find the different versions of the Appleton Tracy & Co. grade.  The ATC was made from the beginning to the end of Model 92 production so it is found in all movement variations.   There are runs of 21 Jewel ATCs listed in the Gray Book but to date, none have been reported.  What does appear in these runs as well as some other ATC runs are Grade 845 movements which are 21 jewel watches. 
Version 1  (ATCO-1)    Found in the 7005001-7018973 range

This version is identified by the serial number being in Position 1, directly under the grade marking.  The movement to the right, s/n 7005977 is from the first run of ATCs, a run of open face movements. The table below shows the runs where Version 1 ATCs are found.  The third run, 7018601-973 is listed in the Gray Book as a run of Specials.  Various grades are found in this run and the Handwritten Records indicate some ATCs were made but none have been reported to date.  On the earliest ATCs, the words Appleton Tracy & Company are marked in a script although a few from the first 2 runs have been reported in the block style which becomes the norm for the rest of production.  
 7005001   7006000  ATC OF  Also includes Riversides & Vanguards
 7006001 7007000 ATC Htg
 Also includes Riversides and Vanguards
 7018601  7018973  ATC OF  Includes other grades-no ATCs reported
The first two runs of ATCs also contain Riverside movements.  The Handwritten Records tell us that the first 10 movements from both of the first two runs are Vanguards but none have been recorded to date.  The table below reflects the breakdown according to the Handwritten Records.

 7005001 7005010 17J Vanguard O.F.
 7005011 7005500 ATC O.F.
 7005501 7005900 Riverside O.F.
 7005901 7006000 ATC O.F.
 7006001 7006010 17J Vanguard Htg.
 7006011 7006500 ATC Htg.
 7006501 7006600 Riverside Htg.
 7006601 7006700 ATC Htg.
 7006701 7007000 Riverside Htg.

The table below shows the movements reported from the first two runs of
Appleton Tracy & Co. movements.

Serial No Grade  Serial No Grade
 7005101   ATC  7006024 ATC
 7005153 ATC  7006120 ATC
 7005184 ATC  7006228 ATC
 7005292 ATC  7006357 ATC
 7005327 ATC  7006372 ATC
 7005366 ATC  7006437
 7005388 ATC  7006669 ATC
 7005399 ATC  7006610 ATC
 7005420 ATC  7006738 Riverside
 7005426 ATC  7006764 Riverside
 7005487 ATC  7006774 Riverside
 1005490 ATC  7006828 Riverside
 7005603 Riverside  7006918 Riverside
 7005624 Riverside  7006965   Riverside
 7005696 Riverside   
 7005726 Riverside   
 7005732 Riverside   
 7005736 Riverside   
 7005770 Riverside   
 7005786 Riverside   
 7005844 Riverside   
 7005913 ATC   
 7005939 ATC   
 7005950 ATC   
 7005977 ATC   


 Version 2 (ATC2)  Found in the 7026001-8858500 range.
 Version 2 is identified by the serial number next  to the barrel bridge (SNP2 Serial Number Position 2) and 2 screws in the barrel bridge.

Version 3 (ATC3)  Found in the 10029001- 10501500 range.

This version is identified by the serial number being in SNP2 and 3 Barrel Bridge Screws 


Version 4 (ATC4)  Found in the 10525801- 11060500 range.

Version 4 is identified by the serial number being in SNP3, the Patented Waltham Stud and the lack of the "Safety Barrel" marking.  It is in this range that we begin to find areas that need sorting out with regards to the Appleton Tracy & Co. grade.  The Gray Book lists run 10575001-10575500 as a run of ATC movements but along with ATC movements being reported from this run there have also been 21 Jewel Vanguard "Plugged" movements reported.  Waltham sometimes altered movements and then milled out the original jewel count and inserted a "plug" which had been stamped with the new jewel count.  Waltham more typicly performed this modification on other Vanguards, altering movements initially marked 19 & 21 Jewels to 23 Jewels and 23 Jewel movements to 21.  The table below lists the movements reported from this run.
Run 10575001-10575500  Gray Book=ATC
 10575122 ATC  
 10575203    ATC    
 10575217 ATC    
 10575318 ATC    
 10575420  Vanguard  21 Plug  
 10575460     Vanguard  21 Plug  
These are not the earliest reported Vanguard plugs but the current research would suggest that this is the only time movements other than Vanguards were plugged.
    Click here for Plugged Vanguards

Version 5 (ATC5)  Found in the 11071501-12578000 range.

Version 5 is identified by a change in the orientation of the screws holding down the balance jewels.  It is in this version that the first 845s begin to appear, the earliest to date is s/n 12019751.  As stated previously, there are listings in the Gray Book suggesting that Waltham made 21 Jewel Appleton Tracy & Co. movements.  Run 12020301-12020400 is listed as being a run of 21 Jewel ATC movements while 12002001-300 and12577601-8000 are  listed as runs of 17-21 Jewel ATC movements.  There has only been one movement reported from the 12020301 run and that is s/n 12020391 an Appleton Tracy movement.  There have been 3 movements reported in the 12002001 run, an ATC Premier (s/n 12002037) and 2 ATCs, 12002096 and 12002259, all 3 being 17 Jewel movements.  Early 845s have also been found in Crescent Street runs.
Movements reported from run 12577601-8000.  Gray Book= A.T.& Co.  17-21 Jewels
 12577805 845 21
 12577829 ATC
 12577847 845 21
 12577859 ATC 17
 12577880ATC 17
 12577922 ATC 17
 12577992 ATC 17
 12578000 ATC     17

Appleton Tracy & Co runs with where 845s have been reported 
 Serial End NIR Gray Book = 845s  rptd ATCs  rptd
 12019001 12020300 1300 ATC 3 13*
 12053501 12054000 500 ATC 1 10*
 12068001 12069000 1000 ATC 2 7*
 12081501 12082500 1000 ATC 510*
 12542001 12542500 500 ATC 1 3*
 *Includes ATC Premiers

Version 6 (ATC6)  Found in the 14125126-16152000 range.
Version 6 is identified by a change in position of the case screws.  The positions have been termed by the location of the case screw in the barrel bridge.  Up to this version it is found between the winding wheels (BET).  Waltham moves the barrel bridge case screw to the left, near the edge of the bridge (EDGE).


Version 7 (ATC7)  Found in the 16160501-16152000 range.
 Version 7 movements are found with the 08 Patent Regulator.  The photo to the right shows the 08 Regulator on a Plugged Balance Cock.  To date there has only been one ATC found with a plugged balance cock.  The photo below and to the right shows the 08 Regulator on a solid balance cock.


Version 8 (ATC8)   Found in the 18065000-18137000 range.

The final change to the ATC movement is the addition of the Groove on the outer edge of the movement next to the balance wheel.  As in the photo to the right, some of these movements were marked "5 Positions"