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Canadian Railway Time Service

Waltham produced a 17 Jewel Railroad Grade movement for the Canadian market that was marked "Canadian Railway Time Service".  It was made in three models, the 1883, 1908 and the Model 92.  Although the name would suggest they were made for an agency, some researchers/collectors (most notably Kent Singer) feel that the name was created by Waltham and used as the phrase "For Rail Road Time Service" (or similar wording) was used on dials and movements by Peoria, Columbus and Illinois.  It is common to find that the Model 83 CRTS movements were made from another grade (the barrel bridge was substituted) but in the Model 92, with perhaps one exception, the evidence points toward these movements being produced on their own.  The current research would suggest that 1450 of these movements were made and that it was made in 6 variations.  The Gray Book lists seven runs but CRTS movements have been reported in four other runs, listed as "Cres. St. & ATC", "Premier", "Special", and "Ass't Spec.".  Tables with all of the movements reported from each of these runs can be found here.