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19 Jewel Crescent St Variations

Variation 1   (CRE19-O-V1)    Occurring in the 11034501-11059500 Range

The first Model 92 19 Jewel Crescent Streets appear in run 11034501-11035500.  This is just before the balance jewel screw orientation changes and just after the serial number is moved to the barrel bridge.  It is also just after the first runs of 19 Jewel Vanguards, 11033501-11033700 (hunters) and 11033701-11034500 (open face)

Variation 2  (CRE19-O-V2)   Occurring in the 11502001-14003000  Range

Variation 2 movements are found with the balance jewel screws in the East-West orientation and with the case screws in the BET position.  Some of these movements may be marked "5 Positions"

Variation 3  CRE19-O-V3   Occurring in the 14137501-15111200 Range

Variation 3 movements are found with the case screws in the EDGE position and will be marked "5 Positions".

Variation 4  CRE19-O-V4   Occuring in the 16127001-16142000 Range

Variation 4 movements are found with the recoil or split click and the 08 Regulator. The appear in 2 runs, 16127001- 800 and 16141701-16142000.  There have been reports of movements in the latter part of the 16141701 run that have the Groove.

Variation 5  CRE19-O-V5    Occurring in the 17151701-18037500 Range

Variation 5 movements are the same as Variation 4 but with the Groove.  As stated in the Variation 4 information, there have been movements with the Groove reported in the second Variation 4 run.  If more of these movements are reported there, it may require splitting the run.    

 Hunting Case Movements

The current research would suggest that 1400 hunting case 19 Jewel Model 92s were made.  There are 5 runs listed in the Gray Book but no movements have been reported from the last two runs.  This information is found in the table below.  Waltham ceased making 21 Jewel Crescent Street hunters in the 12 millions but made around 10,000 previous to that.

Hunting Case 19J Model 92  Cres. Sts.                 
 Serial End Variation NIR
 12001501 12002000 1 500
 12553001 12553200 1 200
 13044315 13045000 1 700
 14001501 14002000 None  Rptd. 
 15050901 15051200 None Rptd.