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Special 21 Jewel Crescent Streets

21 Ruby Jewels

Waltham marks early 21 and 23 Jewel Vanguards "Ruby" Jewels.  At right is a photo of the only Crescent Street reported to date marked "Ruby" Jewels.  It is from run 7450601-7451000.  Six other movements have been reported from the run but with no indication of the "Ruby" marking.

Converted from Santa Fe Route Movement

Waltham made many movements for specific railroads which are called private label or contract watches.  One of these railways was called Santa Fe Route.  The movements were marked "Santa Fe Route" and were made with a gilt barrel bridge but were basicly Crescent Street movements.  At some point, Waltham converted some of them back to Crescent Streets by milling out the words "Santa Fe Route" and inserting "Crescent St.  Waltham" in the space.  These movements have been reported in 2 runs;  7817001-8000, listed in the Gray Book as a run of 21 Jewel Crescent Street hunting case movements and 7902501-3000, a run of open face "Special" movements (see second table).  Photos of some of the movements from the 7817001 run clearly show movements with the standard Crescent Street marking.  Santa Fe Route and milled Crescent Streets have also been reported from the run.  It breaks down as follows;

 Mvts. reported from Gray Book run 7817001-8000 
 7817001  7817600  16 standard Crescent Streets
   7817618  Santa Fe Route
   7817622  Milled Crescent Street
   7817631  Santa Fe Route
   7817638  Milled Crescent Street
 7817673  7817987  13 standard Crescent Streets

Open face Santa Fe Route movements have been reported in run 7902501-3000 listed in the Gray Book as a run of "Specials".  It is believed that milled out Crescent Streets also exist but at the moment there is not concrete proof.  Movements reported from the run are in the table below;

 Mvts. reported from Gray Book run 7902501-3000
 7902501  7902505  Santa Fe Route
   7902509  Santa Fe Route
   7902543  Santa Fe Route
   7902562  Santa Fe Route
   7902568  Cres. St.
   7902609  Santa Fe Route
   7902627  Santa Fe Route
   7902643  Santa Fe Route
   7902686  Santa Fe Route
   7902770  The American Leader
   7902796  D.& R.G. Special
   7902811  C.P.R.
   7902842  C.P.R.
   7902865  C.P.R.
   7902880  C.P.R.
   7902925  AWW Co
   7902957  D.& R.G. Special

Hunting case movements with conversion dial

This is another attempt by Waltham to use up existing inventory.  By using a dial with the seconds bit at 3 o'clock, a hunting case movement could be used as an open face movement.  These dials are also found on Vanguard and 845 movements.  On the movement to the lower right, s/n 12652044, it is interesting to note the "Groove", which does not appear on Model 92s with consistency until the 17 millions.