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Very early in Model 92 production,  and only for a short time, Waltham makes the Riverside grade.  It is a beautiful movement and one can not help but speculate if it was made as a presentation movement.  It appears in three variations of the open face movement and two variations in the hunting case movement.  
A first run Riverside

The Gray Book is very misleading as to the open face Riverside.  It lists Riversides in only one run, 7489001-500. The Handwritten Records show them in four other runs.  The comparison is listed in the table below.  There are 3 variations of the open face movement which can be seen on the variations page.

Comparison of open face Riversides from the Gray Book and the
Handwritten Records.
Gray Book Handwritten Records
 Serial End Grade Serial End Grade
 7005001 7006000 ATC 7005001 7005500 ATC
    7005501 7005900 Riverside
    7005901 7006000 ATC
 7018001* 7018600 Vanguard 7018001 7018100 Vanguard
   7018101  7018200Riverside 
   7018301  7018500Riverside 
   7018531 7018535 Riverside 
 7018601 7018973 Special 70186017018800 Riverside 
 7026001 7027000 Vanguard 7026001 7026500 ATC
    7026501 7026000 Riverside
 7489001 7489500 Riverside 7489001 7489500 Riverside
*Several other grades are found in this run.

The Gray Book is a little more straight forward about the hunting case Riverside but it is not 100% accurate.  The Handwritten Records are also vague because, at least as I am able to read them, they do not list run 7013101-4000.  There have been several Grade 45 movements reported from this run.

Comparison of hunting case Riverisdes from the Gray Book and
the Handwritten Records.
 Gray Book Handwritten Records
 Serial End Grade Serial End Grade
 7006001 7007000 Special 7006001 7006700 ATC
    7006701 7007000 Riverside
 *7013101 7014000 Riverside Not listed in Hand. Records
 7025501 7026000 ATC 7025501 7026000 Riverside
 7488001 7488500 Riverside 7488001 7488001 Riverside
*Several No. 45 grade movement have been reported in this run.