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21 Jewel Vanguard

The 21 Jewel Vanguard is an interesting study in that it is a grade and jewel count that was made right from the beginning of Model 92 production almost to the very end.  In terms of production figures, it may require more unravelling than any other single grade and jewel count.  As you will see, the Gray Book wastes no time in presenting us with an unclear picture as to how many early 21 Jewel Vanguards were made.  The first 2 runs of Vanguards are listed as 17 Jewel movements but also contain 21 Jewel movements while the next 2 runs are listed as 21 Jewel movements and contain 17 Jewel movements as well.  A few runs later, run 7018001-7018600 is listed as being 21 Jewel Vanguards but also contains 17 Jewel movements.  A breakdown of the movements reported from the early Vanguard runs can be found on the 17 Jewel Vanguard page. Later in production,  complications arise mostly in the 10 to 12 million range, where the Gray Book lists 19-21, 19-23 or 21-23 jewel movements.  In addition, there are other runs listed as being 21 jewel movements that also contain 23 jewel movements.  In many of the places where there is a mixed run of Vanguards, there is no rhyme nor reason as to where one jewel count ends and the other begins, making determining production figures a real chore.  Waltham's practice of altering the jewel count on Vanguards also hampers our ability to nail down production figures because these movements will appear randomly throughout a run.  The overwhelming majority of Vanguard runs from 10 to 13 million are listed in the Gray Book as being 21-23 Jewels. The table below lists the runs in which movements with more than one jewel count appear.  It is interesting to note the runs listed as being a single jewel count that actually are not so.  Click on the link above or below to explore the versions of the 21 Jewel Vanguard.