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23 Jewel Vanguard

The first indication of a 23 Jewel Vanguard in the Gray Book comes in the 7861001-7861500 run which is listed as being 21-23 Jewel hunting case movements.  To date six 21 Jewel movements have been reported but no 23 Jewel movements.  The next comes at 9508501-9511000 which is listed as a run of 21-23 Jewel open face movements.  To date, 56 serial numbers have been reported from this run with four of these being 23 Jewel Vanguard movements.  As an aside, some of the 21 Jewel movements have been reported with 3 screws on the center jewel which is unusual for the open face Model 92.  The first listing of a run of strictly 23 jewel Vanguards is 10545701-10546000.  There will be 36 listings of 23 Jewel open face movements and 22 listings of hunting case movements.  The Gray Book lists runs of 19-23 Jewels and 21-23 Jewels. The table below shows that many, many 23 Jewel Vanguards appear in split jewel runs and because there is often no order to the way in which they appear, determining production accurate production figures is almost impossible.  The link above will allow you to explore the versions of the 23 Jewel Vanguard.