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Versions of the 23 Jewel Vanguard

We will now trace the variations of the 23 Jewel Vanguard

Version 1 (VAN23-O-V1)  Occurring in the 786001-9527500 Range


There have been no reports of 23 Jewel Vanguards with the serial number at SNP1.  Version 1 movements have the serial number at SNP2 and there will be 2 screws in the barrel bridge, excluding the case screws.  They use the round hairspring stud.

Version 2 (VAN23-O-V2)  Occurring in the 10018051-10517800 Range

Version 2 movements have the serial number at SNP2 and 3 barrel bridge screws.  The current research would suggest that these movements are scarce.  The few runs that do fall in this range are all listed as 21-23 Jewel movements in the Gray  Book which makes an accurate production figure difficult to determine.  These movements use the round hairspring stud and have the balance jewel screws in the north/south position.

 Version 3 (VAN23-O-V3)  Occurring in the 10524001-11070300 Range

At this point Waltham moves the serial number to the barrel bridge, SNP3, on 23 Jewel Vanguards and begins using the Patented Waltham Stud on them.   The balance jewel screws are in the north/south position and the case screws in the BET position.

Version 4 (VAN23-O-V4)  Occurring in the 11500501-14001500 Range
The balance jewel screw position is changed to the east/west orientation.  These movements still have the case screws in the BET position and use the solid click.

Version 5 (VAN23-O-V5)  Occurring in the 14136501-16125200 Range
The case screw position is now in the EDGE position.  The solid click and star regulator are still used.

Version 6 (VAN23-O-V6)  Occurring in the 16125201-17077000 Range

At run 16125201-16126500 Waltham begins using the split click and the 08 Regulator consistently on 23 Jewel Vanguards.  These can be found on movements previous to this run but not with regularity and sometimes one is found without the other.  The next variation, Version 7, has the Groove which is also found sporadically on movements in this range.

Version 7 (VAN23-O-V7)  Occurring in the 17076501-21030500 Range

Version 7 movements possess the Groove which is found consistently from 17076501-17077000 to the end of Model 92 production.  There have been no movements reported from the last 2 runs, 19000001-19001000 and 20129501-20130500.  Many movements have been reported in several of the runs near the 19000001-1000 run which suggests that Waltham did not actually produce these movements.  By the time we get to the 20129501-30500 run we find several runs from which no movements have been reported.  It was all but over for the Model 1892.