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The 17 Jewel Vanguard

      Our first example of the Model 92 exposes us to the problems associated with the Gray Book right off the bat.  It also shows us that the handwritten records can be less than perfectly clear as well. The number of jewels in a movement was becoming an  issue at the beginning of the 1890s.  Along with being advertised as a 17 jewel movement, the first two runs of Vanguards (6026001-6027000 and 6027001-6028000) are listed in the Gray Book and in the Handwritten Records as having 17 jewels. In reality, however, there were also 21 jewel movements made in these runs [ref Table 2 and Table 3].  The next two Vanguard runs (7001001-7002000 and 7002001-7003000) are listed in the Gray Book as 21 jewel movements but the Handwritten Records indicate both 17 and 21 jewel movements were made.  This is backed up by reports of 17 jewel movements in these runs [ref Table 4 and Table 5].  The fifth run (7004001-7005000) is listed in the Gray Book as being 21 jewel movements while the handwritten records list an entry of twenty 17 jewel movements with the notation in parentheses “few 21” [ref Table 6].  The sixth run of 92s (7005001-7006000) is listed in the Gray Book as being 17 jewel movements of the Appleton Tracy & Co. (ATC) grade.  The Handwritten Records indicate that the first 10 watches from this run are 17 jewel Vanguards although none of these movements have been reported.  ATC movements have been reported but the run also consists of Riversides.  The seventh run (7006001-7007000) is listed as "Special" but is very similar to the 7005001 run.  The Handwritten Records indicate the first 10 movements to be 17J Vanguards and the rest a mix of ATCs and Riversides.  None of the 17 Jewel Vanguards have been reported and the ATCs and Riversides reported conform to the listings in the Handwritten Records.  It does not take long to realize that we may never have a concrete production figure for the 17 jewel Model 92 Vanguard.  It was around this time that Waltham was retrofitting certain grades of Model 83s from 15 to 17 jewels [reference your ad] and perhaps 17 jewel Vanguards were converted to 21 jewel movements as demand for movements with a higher jewel count increased.   Table 7 summarizes the first five runs of Model 92s. You will note that the ratio of reported 17 jewel movements to 21 jewel movements flip-flops when the first two runs are compared to the third and fourth runs.  There is another run in the Gray Book which is listed as a run of 17 Jewel Vanguards, but everything points to this being an error.  The run is 7026001-7027000 and to date, only Appleton Tracys and Riversides have been reported.  The Handwritten Records indicate that 7026001-500 are ATCs and 7026501-7000 are Riversides.  Eight Appleton Tracys and fourteen Riversides have been reported and they all fall into the ranges listed in the Handwritten Records.


Because of our inability to even make a reasonable guess at the number of 17 jewel Vanguards made, there has not been an attempt at discussing open face and hunting case movements separately.  For obvious reasons, the 17 jewel Model 92 Vanguard is a very collectable watch in either version.  It occurs in only one movement variation, with the serial number in the first position, directly under the words  “Vanguard, Waltham Mass” (SNP1) and is unique in that it is the only Model 92 in which the number of jewels is not indicated on the movement.  There is some variation in the damascening patterns.  To this date, four patterns have been reported.

Early Vanguard Runs


 SN Run

Total # Reported

17 Jewels

 21 Jewels





















The Handwritten Records indicate that 7005001-7005010
and 7018201-7018207 are open face 17 jewel Vanguard movements. 
They also indicate that 7006001-7006010 are 17 jewel hunting case movements.