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19 Jewel Vanguard

We will now explore the 19 jewel movement. A problem we have to face when dealing with the 19, 21 or 23 jewel Vanguard is that often any of these three jewel counts are found in the same run and without any rhyme nor reason.  There are runs that the Gray Book lists as being split jewel runs and runs that are not listed as being split jewel runs that actually are.  There is no mention of a 19 jewel movement in the Handwritten Records. The first 19 jewel movements appear in serial number run 11033501-11033700, a run of hunting case movements.  This is after the serial number has been moved to the barrel bridge so there are no movements that have SNP1 or SNP2.  They will all have the patented Waltham stud and have 3 barrel bridge screws.   



Open Face

Version 1  VAN19-O-V1
Serial Number Position 3-Upper Balance Jewel Screws in North-South Orientation
The first 19 jewel movements occur in serial number run 11033501-11033700 with 3 barrel bridge screws, the patented Waltham stud, the case screws between the winding wheels and the upper balance jewel screws in a north-south orientation.

Version 2  VAN19-O-V2

Upper Balance Jewel Screws in East-West Orientation
At 11500501-11501500 the upper balance jewel screws are in the east-west orientation.

Version 3  VAN19-O-V3

Case Screws  

 At 14065501-14066000 the case screws are moved to the edge of the barrel bridge.


Version 4  VAN19-O-V4
Clicks    Regulator     Groove

 The solid click is used up through run 14137001-14137200 and there were no 19 Jewel Vanguards made in the 15 and 16 million range.  Waltham makes 2 more runs of 19 Jewel open face Vanguards.  These runs are 1715501-17151700 and 19085501-19086000.  Movements from these runs use the "split" click, the 08 Regulator and the Groove.


 Hunting Case

Waltham made a limited number of 19 Jewel Vanguard hunting case movements, approximately 800.  These occur in 2 Variations.  The first occurs in one run, 11033501-11033700 with the upper balance jewel screws in the north-south orientation.  The rest occur in the 11500310-14057300 range with the upper balance jewel screws in the east-west orientation.  These are all SNP3 movements with 3 barrel bridge screws and the case screw position between the winding wheels.