17 Jewel C.P.R.

The majority of C.P.R. production consisted of open face, 17 Jewel movements. The Gray Book lists 8 runs with a total production of 2200 movements.  There have been C.P.R. movements reported in 3 other runs, two of which are listed as "Asst. Spec." and one as "Cres. St. & ATC".  The Cres St./ATC run (9544701-900) is early in production and other private label movements have been reported from it including 2 Canadian Railway Time Service movements.  The Asst. Spec. runs are 17187501-8500 and 18135001-6000.  Both runs contain C.P.R.s and other private labels but the reported movements fall in such a pattern that a reasonable estimate of the number produced can be made.  The last run of Model 92s, 22017601-22017700 is listed as a run of 17 Jewel C.P.R.s but to date, no movements have been reported from it which suggests that perhaps none were produced.  A fair estimate of the total produced would be 2820.  A breakdown of the runs that are uncertain can be found here.  A table listing the known runs containing CPR movements is at the bottom of this page.  As a point of interest, the 17 Jewel CPRs have winding wheels with the same damasceening pattern as the Appleton Tracy grade while the 21 Jewel movements have the same pattern as the 845 and Crescent Street grades.  The 17 Jewel movements are marked "Waltham, Mass." while the 21 Jewel movements are not.

Version 1 (CPR17-O-V1)  Occuring in the 9544701-900 Range

These movements are distinguished by the serial number being in Serial Number Posistion 2 (SNP2), next to the barrel bridge.  The current estimate is 20 movements produced.

Vesion 2 (CPR17-O-V2)  Occuring in the 12020501-1000 range

These movements have the serial number in position 3 (SNP3), next to the barrel bridge, with the case screws in the BET position.

Version 3 (CPR17-O-V3)  Occuring in the 14192001-15025000 range

These movements are the first CPRs with the case screws in the END position.  Note the change in position and style of lettering of the words "Waltham, Mass."  and position of the CPR Shield. They are found in two runs;


Version 4 (CPR17-O-V4)  Occuring in the 16151601-16151800 range

These movements are the first with the split click.

Version 5 (CPR17-O-V5). Occuring in the 17187501-19086300 range

These movements have the 08 Regulator and the Groove.

 *9544781 9544800 Version120
 12020501 12021000 Version 2 500
 14192001 14192200 Version 3 200
 15024701 15025000  300
   Tot. Ver 3 500
 16151601 16151800 Version 4 200
 *17188001 17188300 Version 5 300
 18064001 18064300  300
 *18135001 18135400  400
 19086101 19086300  300
 20000101 20000300  200
 22017601 22017700  100
   Tot. Ver 5 1600
*Created from original run