Uncertain 17 Jewel CPR Runs

There are three runs that 17 Jewel CPRs have been reported in that are not listed in the Gray Book.  Below is a brief analysis of these runs.

Thanks go out to Kent Singer/Ed Uberall for contributing serial numbers from their database.


 9544736Geo. R. Youmans 
 9544796 C.P.R.
 9544850 C.R.T.S.
 9544851 C.R.T.S.

9544796 is the earliest reported 17 Jewel CPR.  The assumption is being made that 20 of these movements were made.  It is admittedly a guess.


 17187560 The American Leader*
 17187568 The American Leader*
 17188018 CPR
 17188103 CPR
 17188166 CPR
 17188222  CPR
 17188255 CPR
 17188273 CPR 
 17188278 CPR
 17188359 CRTS
 17188391 CRTS
 17188394 CRTS
 17188395 CRTS
 17188404 CRTS
 17188407 CRTS
 17188412 CRTS
 17188443 CRTS
 17188448 CRTS
 17188500 CRTS
*The American Leader movements from this run are 21 Jewel Hunting case movements.
Somewhere between the 17187568 American Leader and the 17188018 CPR would mark the beginning of the CPRs.  The assumption is being made that that number is 17188001.  Likewise, then end of the run is assumed to be 17188300.  This would mean a production figure of 300.


 18135162 CPR
 18135163 CPR
 18135195 CPR
 18135436 The Paragon Timekeeper

The assumption is being made that the CPRs start at 18135101 and end at 18135300 for a production figure of 200.