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D&RG Special

Waltham made movements for the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad.  Below is a brief history of the line which has been submitted by a collector who wishes to remain anonymous. Click here for a list of runs in which D&RG movements occur.

The original Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway built a narrow gauge line from Ogden, Utah  via Soldier Summit, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado. The railroad became the Rio Grande Western Railway in 1889 as part of a finance plan to upgrade the line from narrow gauge to standard gauge, and built several branch lines in Utah to reach lucrative coal fields. It was the railway which Gustov Nordenskiðld employed to haul boxcars of relics from the Mesa Verde, Colorado, cliff dwellings, in 1891, en route to the National Museum of Finland. In 1901, the Denver and Rio Grande merged with the Rio Grande Western, consolidating in 1908. However, the railroad was weakened by speculators, who had used the Rio Grande's equity to finance Western Pacific Railroad construction. The United States Railroad Administration (USRA) took over the D&RG during World War I. In 1918 the D&RG fell into receivership after the bankruptcy of Western Pacific. The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW or DRGW) was incorporated in 1920, and formally emerged as the new re-organization of the old Denver and Rio Grande Railroad on July 31, 1921.

                                             Photo courtesy Phil D.