Vanguard Jewel Count

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Many Vanguard runs are listed in the Gray Book as split jewel runs.  These include 19-21J, 19-23J and 21-23J.  To further complicate matters, some runs listed as only having one jewel count sometimes have more than one.  More difficulties arise when we see that sometimes the various jewel counts don't group themselves in a particular order.  Waltham also sometimes altered Vanguard movements by milling out the original jewel count and inserting a plug with the new jewel count stamped into it.  Reports of serial number come from different sources and if the reporter is not familiar with the plugged movement, that aspect can be missed.  This page has been set up to save space by displaying the mixed jewel movements in one place that can be accessed from the 19, 21 or 23 jewel pages.

Early Vanguard Runs